Septic Tank Inspection Tips

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Septic Tank Inspection – tips to pass Inspection

More than half of the country’s septic tanks inspected under a controversial new testing regime have failed the test, according to latest figures from the EPA.

And, even though there are 449,109 registered septic tanks in the country, just 423 of these were inspected by the country’s 100 inspectors in the first eight months of the new inspection regime.

Accordingly up to 53% of the household septic tanks inspected failed first inspection. The most common reasons that the householders are told to upgrade their waste disposal system are:

-The need to de-sludge or clean the septic tank

-Also ineffective operation and maintenance of the tank.

-Roofwater entering the system.

-Unlicensed discharges and leakage from the system.

According to the EPA, householders can avoid failures by taking simple steps to maintain their treatment systems.

David Flynn, programme manager of EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement said: “There are simple steps that homeowners can take to help pass a septic tank inspection.

“On a regular basis, have the sludge emptied from your tank using permitted contractors; retain the receipt. Also if you have a package treatment system get a service. Look at to find out information on septic tanks.”

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