Environmental Policy

CES Environmental activities involve the translation of client design specifications into practical, cost effective waste management services.

CES Environmental activities involve the translation of client design specifications into practical, cost effective waste management services. This naturally places a specific onus on the management and team to ensure we deliver the most energy efficient and environmentally sensitive solutions to meet with our clients environmental and planning needs. The management and team have evolved a deep understanding and respect for our natural working environment and as such, have become an authority on waste management services – specific to waste water and water systems. In addition to the above and consistent with our organisations values and environmentally conscious ethos, CES Environmental has built on our vast experience and expertise to offer unique support services to our clients who wish to maintain asset value and ensure reliable infrastructure over the life cycle of facilities. These services include;

  • Cost in use analysis
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Surveys & Inspections

The aim at CES Environmental is to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance in the interests of all our stakeholders, be they employees, clients, the public at large or the natural environment. As an organisation we are totally committed to sustainable engineering solutions, solutions which enhance and conserve the natural environment, whilst ensuring our clients receive the most functionally effective and cost efficient solution. This goal is synonymous with the goals and objectives of the founding director of CES Environmental and as such ensures all services provided are environmentally sensitive. We recognise that concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our business. As a progressive business we aim to continually develop our strong sense of environmental responsibility and make provision for the improvement and enhancement of our work place environment. This goal is realised by preparing and implementing environmental policies, long term strategies in support of evolving systems and procedures and regularly reviewing them at management level. We will administer a continuous improvement programme designed to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

Environmental objectives and targets have been established based on our Programme for Environmental Management. Progress against this plan will be reviewed periodically and will form the basis for continuous improvement. The environmental implications of introducing new processes and services will be carefully evaluated and cleaner technologies will be utilised whenever possible. Energy conservation, waste avoidance and waste reduction initiatives will be vigorously pursued, in accordance with the best eco-efficiency practices. Materials and energy used or environmental impacts associated with our activities will be carefully conserved. This will be done by optimising project specifications, maximising the recycle of materials where this is feasible, operating electrical equipment at optimum levels and eliminating waste.

ISO 9001 Quality Management accredited - ces environmental services
CES Environmental Services ltd are ISO 14001 Environmental Management accredited
CES Environmental Services ltd are ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management accredited.
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