Waste Management Policy

CES Environmental in keeping with our environmental policy, commit to reduce waste. We strive to lead our industry with the latest waste management infrastructure regarding

  • Management systems on site
  • Paperless office in so for as is reasonably practicable

CES carry out analysis on all energy ,material inputs and activities in our projects. Therefore we ensure we reduce, recycle and reuse what we can from our activities.

CES Environmental waste management focuses on the three RS:

  • Reducing
  • Re-using
  • Recycling
3 RS

CES 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We acknowledge the statutory obligations in place by national and EU legislation / regulations. CES firmly commit to achieve a high operational and management standard. And wherever practical above that which is legally required.

The following is the desired hierarchy of waste management, starting with the most desirable option.

  • Prevent waste by not producing it if possible
  • Minimise the volume we produce if it cannot be avoided.
  • Re-use materials as much as possible
  • Recycle materials where feasible
  • Recover energy from waste
  • Disposal – the least preferred.