Gully Cleaning

Gully Cleaning, Drain Unblocking

Gully Cleaning and drain unblocking  removes surface water from roads as they frequently become blocked with dead leaves, soil and rubbish. This prevents the Gully from letting water through to the outlet drain. And this in turn can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to the road it can also result in water seeping into the foundations of your building.

As one of CES Environmental Services core services we provide to both domestic and commercial customers is the unblocking of Gullies and Drains in a professional, safe and efficient manner possible. Our range of Jetting Vans & Jet Vacuum tankers are equipped to tackle any Job, large or small. Our Van Pack Jetting Units are ideal for unblocking small diameter and domestic drains. Our Jet Pack Vans and Trucks carry at all times a CCTV inspection camera. We provide removal of all blockages from each gully, high pressure jetting of the gully and flush test to ensure everything is in working order on completion.

Gully Cleaning, Drain Unblocking
Gully Cleaning, Drain Unblocking

Main Features of our Van Pack

High Pressure Drain Jetting Capable of Cleaning 1′′ to 9′′ pipes Pushrod Drain CCTV Camera, Full Colour and Wincan V8 compatible No Dig Repair Kit for 4′′ to 9′′ pipes

Main Features of our Van Tucks

95gpm jetting pressure at 2600psi 250 metres of thermoplastic jetting hose Main hose reel is self-aligning, hydraulically operated and mounted on the rear door Large variety of jetting nozzles High airflow vacuum pump delivering 4700cfm of vacuum 2000 gallon jetting water capacity A Rear-mounted 180 degree boom and remote controlled overhead boom The secondary hose reel is also hydraulically operated and is mounted on the offside at the rear with a 60meters of high pressure hose. Liquid ring pump with an output of 2300 CFM A Jurop RV 520 pump delivering 520CFM of vacuum and pressure. This machine is ideal for jetting of 100mm to 300mm pipework, gully cleaning, washing of pumping stations and vacuum of sludge.

We at CES Environmental Services have worked with Local Authorities, County Councils, City Councils, commercial business and domestic customers unblocking gullies and drains. We aim to deliver optimum results and with our fully trained staff and fleet of powerful Jet Vacuum tankers and Jet vac Vans.

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