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Sewer network taking in Charge CCTV Survey, Professional, experienced and detailed reports

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CCTV Survey – are you a Developer, Main Contractor, or Main Builder?

Are you looking to have your site or housing estate taken in charge?

If so you will require a Taking in Charge CCTV Survey.

A survey of the systems shall be submitted to the relevant County Council before lodging an application for taking charge.

The Council shall be notified two weeks before the commencement date of the survey and may attend.

The sewers to be surveyed shall be thoroughly cleaned out using high-pressure jetting before the CCTV camera survey.

The Survey shall be carried out using a camera capable of measuring and recording distance from one manhole

to another.

The Survey report will conform to the standards in the WRC Manual on Sewer Condition Classification.

The report shall include a summary of any defects in the systems.

The printed report shall be supplemented by high-resolution photographs and good-quality DVD recordings.

A drainage layout plan of as-constructed sewers shall be submitted along with the report.

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CCTV Survey – Taking in Charge



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