Introducing Our State-of-the-Art Renault C480 Jetting & Vacuum Unit

Renault C480 Jetting and Vacuum Unit - New Truck for CES

Our Commitment to Modernisation

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental services, CES Environmental Services proudly maintains its commitment to providing top-notch environmental service solutions to clients across Ireland. Our continuous investment in the latest and most innovative equipment underscores our dedication to excellence.

Welcoming the Future:

The New VJ Engineered Jetting and Vacuum Unit

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fleet – the powerful VJ Engineered Jetting and Vacuum unit, mounted on a Renault C480 3-axle truck.

This addition enhances our capability to deliver exceptional services, setting new standards in safety, efficiency and reliability. This in an additional truck very similar to one of our current Renault Vacuum and Jetting tankers.

Renault C480 Jetting & Vacuum Features:

Power, Precision, and Performance

The Renault C480 boasts an impressive 480 horsepower, a 15-tonne capacity payload, extra-wide tires, and a rear steering axle, making it the perfect unit for navigating tight sites and domestic settings.

With 1000CFM of vacuum power and 80 meters of suction hose, paired with 100 meters of jetting hose equipped with the latest efficient nozzles, our new unit can effortlessly handle even the most challenging tasks. From hard-to-reach tanks to stubborn drains, our team is equipped to tackle it all, ensuring a thorough and efficient job every time.

Designed for tasks such as septic tank emptying, domestic drain unblocking, grease trap emptying, pump station cleaning, and interceptor cleaning, this truck brings unparalleled power and precision to every job.

Renault C480 Jetting & Vacuum


Innovation for Operator Confidence

At CES Environmental Services, safety is our top priority. Our new Renault C480 is equipped with standard safety features, including reverse sirens and flashing beacons. What sets this truck apart is the market-leading Omni Vue 360 lookdown camera system. This innovative technology eliminates all blind spots, providing our operators with full situational awareness during maneuvers on-site and on public roads.


As CES Environmental Services embraces the future, our investment in cutting-edge equipment like the Renault C480 Jetting and Vacuum unit reflects our commitment to delivering unmatched environmental services. With power, precision, and a focus on safety, this addition to our fleet ensures that we continue to exceed expectations and set new standards in the industry.



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