Deep Pump Station Cleaning

CES Environmental are experienced fully trained in Deep Pump Station Cleaning, Emptying ,desludging, Maintenance and repair. Pump stations are required where waste cannot move into the main sewer without use of a pump. They can be prone to build up of material including heavy rag and grease, blockages and system failures. It is recommended that you periodicity clean down and de-sludge your Pump stations.

Deep Pump Station Cleaning
Deep Pump Station Cleaning

In cleaning Deep Pump Stations we at CES Environmental use our Vacuum and Jetting trucks with our highly trained confined space entry team. They can then Jet and Vacuum the Pump station, removing all silt grease and debris off site to a designated Licensed Permitted site.

All our confined entry team are full trained and experienced. They carry out a full Risk assessment and method statement prior to commencement. The team ensure that all confined space equipment and PPE are at hand and that any risk is reduced as far as possible.

Why Choose CES?

CES Environmental's team are fully trained qualified and experienced to carry out all areas of deep pump station maintenance, repair and servicing. such as

  • Emptying
  • Cleaning
  • De-greasing
  • Maintenance
  • Pump station repair

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