Walk Through Survey

Walk through Survey - what is it?

A Walk through survey is sometimes called an observational survey. It requires a team of highly trained and experienced Confined space Engineers. They must enter a sewer to visually assess the conditions of the sewer. It is an invaluable method of assessing the following.

  • Condition of sewers,
  • Pipelines,
  • Cracks,
  • Corrosion,
  • Blockages, cross connections, etc
CES Environmental - Sewer - Walk through Survey
CES Environmental - Sewer - Walk through Survey - Observational Survey

CES Team

  • We are ISO 45001 for Health and Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental Management accredited
  • Our team of  Sewer Engineers all have completed Pipe Classification MSCC5
  • All our Engineers have Confined space Training, Medium and High Risk
  • Our team are fully equipped with PPE and Confined space equipment, gas monitors, masks etc.
  • We carry out Job specific Method Statement and Risk Assessments prior to the start of every Project.
The Safety of our team is of upmost importance to us at all times.

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