Vacuum Tanker Hire

CES offer Nationwide Vacuum tanker hire. We have experienced and professional staff and hold a Nationwide NWCPO permit

Vacuum Tanker Hire

Depending on your requirements we will allocate a suitable truck and driver from our fleet.
Vacuum Tanker Capability

  • 16000 Litre of sludge capacity and 1000 Litre water for drain cleaning and washing.
  • All carry Push rod CCTV unit – this allows us to inspect and record any defects on 100mm and 225 mm pipework if necessary.
  • 1200cfm vacuum pump ideal for deep chamber cleaning of pump stations.
  • All trucks have on board water for wash down and cleaning of tanks.
CES Truck emptying Deep Industrial Tank
Image of CES Environmental Services Vacuum Tanker at work

Articulated Tankers

Our articulated tankers have the capacity to deal with high volume transfer of liquid waste

  • This allows us to be as efficient as possible on operational sites to handle high volumes of flow.
  • Our articulated unites are legally pated to gross 46 ton which results in full loads being transported at all times.
  • Increased accessibility as we have rear lifting/steering axles.
  • Our Articulated tanker has its own vacuum pump allowing it to fill its own where necessary.
  • Our fleet is supported by a fully trained team of drivers who offer a direct, environmentally friendly and cost effective method of dealing with liquid waste.


Our Services
  • Artic Vacuum Tanker Hire
  • Cleaning of Sewer Tanks
  • Flood Water Removal
  • Haulage from Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Haulage of Waste Water
  • Housing Estate Waste Water Haulage
  • Industrial Sludge Removal
  • Liquid Waste Haulage
  • Liquid Waste Removal
  • Mains Sewage Cleaning
  • Management of Sludge
  • Pumping Station Waste Water Haulage
  • Removal of Sewage
  • Sewage Haulage
  • Sewage Tank Hire
  • Sludge Haulage
  • Management of Sludge
  • Sludge Removal
  • Transfer and Removal of Sludge
  • Treatment Plant Emptying and Cleaning
  • Waste Transfer and Removal
  • Vacuum Tanker Hire
  • Waste Management
  • Waste Water Treatment work and Maintenance and Large Tank Cleaning

Other Services

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