Smoke Testing

CES provide Smoke testing to uncover any leaks in the pipe network

Smoke Testing – What is it?

Odours from Drains and pipes, Rodent and insect entry points can be extremely difficult to locate. We at CES Environmental offer our Clients a Smoke Testing service to locate the source in an efficient, cost effective and as non-disruptive method as possible. This test will show up if there is a defect in any pipe above or below the ground.

Our Technician will use specialist smoke testing equipment to insert high pressure non-toxic smoke into the Pipe and drainage system of the property. The smoke will exit the pipe at the point of the defect. Our Technician will then access the damage to the pipe.

Locations where you can see smoke exit the system during the test can be as follows

  • Electrical Sockets – shows defect in pipe behind the wall Light Fixtures
  • leaking pipe in the ceiling Pipes under the sink
  • defective trap or pipes Toilets
  • defective trap or pipes

We can use our specialist Smoke inspection equipment to detect defects in your home or business. It is an extremely effective and quick method of locating a defect.

Image of house showing where leaks in pipes can possibly be
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