What is a Taking in Charge Survey?

image of Housing estate - Taking in Charge surveys are required prior to Council accepting housing estates under their remit

A taking in charge survey is required by County Councils prior to the handing over of a Housing Estate by a contractor. The survey is of the surface water sewers, foul water sewers and waste water treatment plants.

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CCTV Survey/Manhole Survey

  • Notice to be given 2 weeks in advance of survey being commenced to the relevant County Council.
  • County Council Representative has the right to be in attendance during survey.
  • The pipe network being surveyed must be thoroughly cleaned prior to survey.
  • The Camera will survey pipe condition along with distance between manholes.
  • The survey will follow best practice guidelines laid out in WRC manual on Sewer Condition Classification.
  • Once survey is completed and footage analysed a report showing the drain condition and any defects and recommendations along with footage of recording will be given to the contractor.