New Robotic Power Cutter ‘makes the cut’

New Robotic Power Cutter ‘makes the cut’

As part of CES Environmental’s commitment to continuous upgrading of our equipment, we have recently added a robotic power cutter to our fleet.

This robotic cutter has the following attributes

• Sensor monitoring
• Remote maintenance module
• Speed control
• Proportional control
• 4 degrees of freedom
• Ingratiated font camera
• Robotic Arm with elevation/raise movement of 3.15”
• Endless circles without stopper
• Air motor/ milling head manually adjustable
• Sensor monitoring for pressure and moisture
• Streamline design
• Powerful carriage drive
• Integrated hydraulic device to raise the arm
• Liner supply lines
• Tilt measurement.

The cutting units can operate inside sewers and pipes ranging from 75mm to 850mm in diameter. All intruding connections, concrete, roots can be removed and the pipe repaired thus offering a full rehabilitation service. Having invested in the latest cutting technology and training for our staff, we now offer our customers an effective no delay solution to drain rehabilitation

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