Clare County Council discusses Estates Taken Charge

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Estates Taking Charge

Councillor Michael Hillery at the January 2017 meeting of the local authority announced that 23 estates taken charge in 2016 with a further 170 estates waiting to be taken in charge. Clare County Council are currently arranging works on 12 Sites.

Taking in charge is the process in which the local authority talks control of the infrastructure and public areas of an estate. This includes the Sewer and drainage to ensure that they are in good working order.

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SITE SIGN OFF: TAKING IN CHARGE – CES Environmental Services Ltd

Sewer Services

Elements under this section include surface water sewers and foul water sewers and wastewater treatment plants. These elements are taken into charge simultaneously with roads/footpaths and open spaces.


Collection systems are to be taken in charge, subject to them complying with the requirements of this document and the Council’s adopted policy on ‘taking in charge’ of private housing developments.  Therefore any connection pipe to a main sewer on the adjoining road is taken in charge from the main sewer to the boundary of the site. Accordingly, if the main sewer is within the curtilage of a house, only the main sewer is taken in charge. Consequently, branch connections from individual houses to the main sewer will remain private property.

CCTV Survey/Manhole Survey

Prior to lodging an application for taking charge a CCTV survey/manhole survey of the collection systems is submitted to the Council. Because of this the Council shall be notified two weeks before the commencement date of the survey and may attend. The Council’s representative on-site may make reasonable requests of the operator.

The sewers being surveyed are to be thoroughly cleaned out prior to the camera survey.  The CCTV Survey shall be carried out using a camera capable of measuring and recording distance from one manhole to another.

The CCTV Survey report shall conform to the standards set out in the WRC Manual on Sewer Condition Classification. Included in the report shall be a summary of any defects in the systems. Any defects in the systems shall be corrected by the Developer at his own expense, prior to taking charge. Additionally, the printed report is supplemented by high-resolution photographs and good-quality DVD recording

Accordingly, a drainage layout plan of as-constructed sewers is submitted on diskette. This report is prepared for Wincan V8 Specification. It shows a detailed survey of each manhole, and sewer structure and a digitised layout of the as-constructed housing estates.



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