Drain Jetting on Macroom Bypass

Drain jetting on Macroom bypass

Macroom Bypass

CES Environmental Services, a company specialising in environmental and drainage solutions, played a crucial role before the opening of the Macroom Bypass. Tasked by the main contractors, their assignment involved performing extensive jetting works to ensure the optimal functioning of the storm drainage network. This process is vital in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of drainage systems, especially in areas with significant infrastructure developments like the Macroom Bypass.

CES Environmental Services’ expertise was further utilised in providing a comprehensive CCTV report, adhering to Wincan standards. This report was instrumental in assessing the condition of the drainage network, identifying potential issues, and ensuring that the system met the required standards for safe and effective operation. Their work not only facilitated the smooth opening of the bypass but also underscored the importance of professional maintenance and inspection in large-scale infrastructure projects.


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