Annual Maintenance Septic Tanks

Annual Maintenance of your septic Tank is extremely important for a cost effective and efficient working Septic Tank

A septic tank is to be emptied every year for your tank to operate as it should.

Issues with Septic Tank

It is worth while to bear in mind that the performance of your septic tank system can be compromised by:

Vaccum Truck for Septic tank Maintenance
Annual Maintenance of Tank – Septic Tank Emptying Maintenance Truck
  • * Excessive disposal of cooking oils/grease.
  • * Flushing non-biodegradable items such as cigarette ends and cotton products.
  • * Excessive use of kitchen sink waste disposal units as disposal of waste food can cause an overload of the system and early failure.
  • * Heavy use of bleach, pesticides, herbicides, caustic soda or any other inorganic materials such as paints or solvents.
  • * Roots from trees penetrating your tank drainage and causing blockages.
  • * Covering the drainage field with a hard surface such as a driveway or parking.
  • * Excessive amounts of water entering the system will overload it and cause it to fail.
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