Manhole Relining

Due to Chemical Corrosion and neglect Manholes get damaged and start leaking. This leads to expensive rebuild and refurbishment of the manhole.  CES Environmental provide a more cost effective and less disruptive solution which is Manhole relining.

We approach each project as a bespoke job and create a plan taking into account the specific individual needs of the job. CES Environmental Approach to Manhole Relining:

  • Our Manhole rehabilitation Technician will clean the manhole.
  • The Manhole will then be fully inspected by our technician. Any Leaks or cracks are then corrected
  • The first coat is then applied
  • When the first coat is fully dried our Technician will then apply the second coat.

As a result of the Manhole rehabilitation, the manhole is now air tight and water tight.

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