Rodent Investigation

If you hear rats in the walls, ceilings, or attic of your home, they most likely come from the sewer underneath the house. Rats can cause serious problems to your drainage system; wiring, building and they can carry serious illness. For these reasons it is imperative to stop them entering your property and if they are already in to remove them.

rodent investigation by ces county clare

CES Environmental Services Solution

At CES environmental we offer a range of services to check your pipe work is in a good state of repair.

We carry out CCTV inspections of your property and supply the customer with a report and video DVD highlighting any faults which rodents can enter and exit the property.

A smoke test is also carried out to highlight any cracks or breaks that may not be picked up on CCTV. The smoke is pumped into the line from manhole outside using a smoke machine and appears in the room internally where the broken pipe is. The smoke from the machine is of a water glycol mix and is non hazardous to humans and your household pets.

After the issues have been highlighted we can offer solutions of patch repairs (non dig repairs so no disruption is caused to your property) or rat flaps (acts as a one way flap fitted in your manhole outside that will let the rodent out but will not let them return. The rat flap does not restrict the flow of water out of your property).

Rodenticides are not something that CES recommend as if a rodent dies inside your property under a raised floor or inside a wall space you are left with a terrible smell that can last for weeks.

Contact CES Environmental at the first sign of possible infestation. CES will ensure that the problem is eradicated and preventative measures are in place to ensure no reoccurrence happens.

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