Lateral and Robotic Cutting

Lateral and Robotic cutting what is it?

Pipes may have intrusions that need to be removed to return the pipes to good working condition. This is a fast, cost effective and non-disruptive way of cutting in to the area around the offending pipe.

What pipes can this method be used on?

Our trenchless repair cutting can be used for many pipe blockages. Including some of the following

  • removal of hard scale
  • concrete
  • intruding connections
  • tree roots and other obstructions
  • CES also use this method for the removal obstructions prior to preparation for lining and reopening
  • For lateral connections after lining
Lateral and Robotic Cutting
Lateral and Robotic Cutting

Our Robotic Cutting /Lateral Cutting Procedure is as follows

  • Firstly we do a CCTV Survey to pinpoint the obstruction and identify what is the cause.
  • An CES Environmental CCTV Technician analysis’s the survey.  A decision on which size of cutter and cutting heads to be used is made.
  • We appoint and organize an area to collect the debris arising from the cutting.
  • We then remotely send the Robotic Cutter into the pipeline to remove any obstruction.
  • Finally the pipe is then jetted by our technician to ensure that all debris is removed.
  • We provide on completion a CCTV Survey showing the clear pipe.

The CES Environmental Robotic Cutting and Lateral Cutting system is used on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Blockages. Robotic Cutting/Lateral Cutting saves our clients expensive excavation and pipe replacement, disruption to the environment, neighbours, local business and traffic.

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