Grease Trap Maintenance

 Grease Trap Maintenance

 A Grease Traps main function is to prevent Fats, oils and greases (FOG) from entering the waste water system. These FOGS’ come from food processing in commercial premises. In the event they enter the waste water system they can Congeal and solidify into a hard mass. As a result drains become blocked and waste water can become contaminated.


Waste from grease traps is classified as a controlled waste and it part of the Trade Effluent License. Grease from interceptors is to be removed by a regulated waste permit holder to a licensed Treatment facility. Furthermore a commercial premises may be inspected and proper records in relation to their emptying, cleaning and disposal of grease must be kept on file to be reviewed at inspections.

CES Process

We at CES Environmental Services provide a Waste Disposal Certificate on completion of every service. Our Certificate outlines our Waste Permit Number and the facility where we deliver the  grease completion. (a copy our permit is available on request). CES Environmental Services will clean your kitchen grease trap thoroughly and efficiently. All CES Staff are fully trained in grease cleaning and disposal. We complete a  Method Statement/Risk assessment for each job.

Cleaning of your Grease Trap on a regular basis is extremely important, as FOG’s build up very quickly. Cleaning ensures that it stays in good working order with Minimum Odors. Our Waste water system cannot process waste, Fats, Oils and grease (FOG) from Food service establishments. For this reason it is so important to maintain your Grease trap.

We at CES Environmental Services offer excellent service contracts at very competitive rates. CES dispose of all grease at an authorized compost facility.  On completion you can be safe in the knowledge that your business will meet required standards.
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Grease Trap Cleaning

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