€31m upgrade bill septic tanks?

Co Clare Council has estimated the upgrade bill for septic tanks that are poorly performing. In Clare alone the estimate could  reach up to €31 million, a local county councillor has claimed.
Clare County Council has confirmed the number of septic tanks in County Clare recorded in the Waterframework Directive Reports is approximately 31,000.  However, this total does not include tanks in the area of North Clare in the Western River Basin district. Which has not been included in this figure.
Speaking during an Environmental Strategic Policy Committee meeting this week Councillor Brian Meaney  spoke about the upgrading of septic tank. He estimates the average cost of upgrading a septic tank which is contaminating groundwater could be €3,000. He stated he feels that one-third of all on-site waste water treatment systems may require remedial work.

Septic Tank Report

Councillor Meaney cited reports indicating septic tanks accounted for an estimated 7% of all waste . This is compared to about 40% for a combination of municipal, industrial and agricultural.
“I have a difficulty where a householder who goes about his business and pays his taxes is targeted, while national government fails to adequately resource Clare County Council to upgrade waste water treatment facilities,” he said.
His estimate was much lower than one provided by Councillor Michael Kelly. He  projected it could cost between €7,000 and €17,000.
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