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Commerical Septic Tank Maintenance / Bio-cycle Tank Maintenance

Regular upkeep and housekeeping of your commerical septic Tank /Bio-cycle tank will ensure that your tank operates properly. In accordance with EU Law septic tanks need to be emptied annually to prevent the pollution of groundwater and the surrounding environment and to also ensure the system works efficiently

What should I know about my tank?

  • Have your septic/ Bio-cycle tank emptied and inspected once a year
  • Know where your tank and percolation area is located
  • Keep a sketch of your tank with your tank maintenance files for service visits.
  • Know the capacity of your Tank – if your tank has a capacity for 4 people and you have 6 in your household your tank will need emptying more frequently
  • Keep a detailed record of repairs, pumping, inspections and permits issued
  • Keep your tank cover accessible for inspections and pumping
  • Never open your tank yourself as there are poisonous gases – all our staff have been properly trained in confined spaces and all carry gas monitors.

How do I know if there is an issue with my tank?

Toilets, Sinks, drains slow draining or backing up.
Smell of sewage from tank and percolation area
Water overflowing from tank or/and ponding on percolation area
Nearby watercourses with greyish slime growths, foul smell

Who should I get to empty my Septic/ Bio-Cycle tank.

The EPA advises that you only use a regulated Waste Permit Holder – CES Environmental Permit number is NWCPO-15-11656-01 – a copy of this permit is available on request. The EPA are currently carring out Spetic / Bio-cycle Tank inspections as per Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 They will look for the following information:

  • Name, address and Permit Number of the waste collector.
  • Date of desludging.
  • Quantity removed and destination to where the sludge is to be taken for treatment and disposal/recovery.

CES Environmental Provide a docket with all the above information on completion of emptying your tank. Please retain this docket in your maintenance files in case of inspection.

What should I do to maintain my Spetic/ Biocycle Tank

  • Ensure that roof water or surface water run off does not enter the Septic/Bio Cycle tank
  • Prevent root damage it is advisable not to have trees within 30 mts of the tank
  • Do not use your toilet as a bin – flushing cat litter, facial wipes, and paper towels.
  • Do not pour Grease or oil down the sink
  • Water from Washing machines and sinks do go into the tank
  • Conserve water to avoid overloading the system
  • Repair any Leaky pipes or toilets
  • Have your tank pumped out by a licensed contractor – ensure you receive a Waste Disposal Certificate and keep with your maintenance files encase of an environmental inspection of your tank
  • Ensure the tank is not leakning in the enviroment or ground water – yearly inspections at the time of emptying will check for this

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