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All homeowners without a direct connection to the Main Sewer has a septic or Bio Cycle Tank. They should be de-sluged annually so as to ensure the tank is maintained to its optimum and that any problem with the tank will be spotted in a timely manner thus reducing any incidence of costly repairs to the tank, soakaway or percolation area. The amount of waste depends on the capacity of the tank and number of people in the home. At the time of the tank de-sludging an inspection should be carried out to ensure there are no structural faults. To avoid your tank filling up sooner than expected ensure that no gutters or rainwater is running in to the tank.

CES Environmental Ltd is a permit holder of a waste disposal with the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO). A Copy of this permit is available on request.

CES Environmental Septic Tank De Sludging Process:

CES Environmental Ltd provides a professional Friendly service to all customers. On your first enquiry we will enquire in relation to tank size, last emptied and also access for our truck. We will then determine which of our trucks to use to empty your tank, we have smaller trucks available for properties with concerns over newly laid driveways or with restrictive entrances and larger trucks where this is not an issue but they have a larger quantity to collect. Our Jet Vac unit has a powerful vacuum and on board water supply which will both empty and clean your tank and clear any blockages in the line in one visit.

We will then agree a date and time that suits you to call to empty your tank. We will enquire at the time off booking the location of your tank, how many meters from a hard standing can truck park and to ensure manhole covers to septic tank are assessable at the time of emptying.

CES Camera for Spetic Tank

We also have as standard on our trucks a jetting unit and CCTV Camera. This is on the event that there is an issue with your pipes we can jet and camera the pipes there and then so as to complete the job on one visit. We aim to be a one stop shop for all your septic tank needs.

On completion of the septic/Bio cycle tank emptying CES Environmental will provide a waste disposal Certificate which will confirm the date of the septic tank emptying and also confirm that the waste will be properly disposed of at an authorised waste treatment facility. This certificate should be retained in case of future environmental Inspections by officials.

Regular Septic/ Bio-cycle tank emptying will reduce the risk of overflowing, blockages, backups and unpleasant odours. So as to ensure your tank is properly maintained we at CES provide a discounted price if an annual maintenance agreement is signed. So why not make life a bit easier by signing up where you can avail of discounted rates and peace of mind knowing that all your drains and septic tank operate trouble free.

Note: CES Environmental Services Ltd dispose of all waste at an authorized treatment facility after Septic Tank De Sludging.

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