Collapsed Drains Commercial

CES Environmental Services provide a 24 hr emergency blocked drains service; our response team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at very affordable rates. Our specially trained staff with our range of Jetting Vans & Jet Vacuum tankers are equipped to tackle any Job, large or small. Our Van Pack Jetting Units are ideal for unblocking small diameter and domestic drains; our Jet Pack and Jet Vac Trucks carry at all times a CCTV inspection camera to survey blocked drains.

Main Features of our Van Packs for Drain Unblocking:

  • High Pressure Drain Jetting Unit
  • Capable of Cleaning 1′′ to 9′′ pipes
  • Pushrod Drain CCTV Camera, Full Colour and Wincan V8 compatible
  • No Dig Repair Kit for 4′′ to 9′′ pipes

Main Features of our Van Vac Trucks for Drain Unblocking:

  • Jetting Capability from 31 gallons per minute to 95 gallons per minute
  • Vacuum capability from 520 cfm to 4700 cfm
  • Onboard water at all times up to 250 m of jetting hose

How can I tell if my drains are blocked?

  • Water not emptying or emptying slowing from your sink, Bath, or shower
  • Toilet is black flowing
  • Gurgling sounds from the plughole.
  • Smell coming from your pipes.

How to avoid blocked drains

  • Do not pour grease or Oil down your sink
  • Do not flush facial wipes. Paper towels, cat litter etc.
  • Try and avoid Children’s toys, toothbrushes, mobile phones being flushed

Contact CES about a blocked Drain Tel: 065 6866850 Email:

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