Estates Taking In Charge CCTV Survey

What is Estates Taking In Charge CCTV Survey

On the eve of election, The government is  ploughing €10 million into making sure estates are being looked after.
ON THE DAY of an election announcement, the government has said that it will be pumping €10 million into making sure that housing estates are looked after by local authorities.

This relates to the ‘taking in charge’ process.

When housing estates are  complete, the council doesn’t automatically have responsibility to look after its roads, footpaths, street lights and other services.

A process has to take place, and this is something that can drag on – especially when proper standards haven’t been met.

This is a particularly pertinent around the issue of water, with residents having to consent to the running of water services by Irish Water – something that has caused delays to the past.

Across the country, there are more than 1,500 estates where these applications are outstanding – and a further 4,500+ finished housing developments that are outside the system.

Taking in charge by CES

So what will this money help to do?

The cash injection will introduce a €10 million pilot scheme aimed at speeding up the taking in charge process.

A number of stakeholders , including Irish Water  will coordinated and address what is called “infrastructural deficits”.

Speaking about the change, Minister of the Environment Alan Kelly took an opportunity to take swing at boom-time building policy.

“Many of the developers have disappeared or gone bust. The Government has made great progress in tackling over 2,000 unfinished estates.  And this is the next step in tackling the legacy of the financial and construction collapse,” he said.

Are you looking to have your site or housing estate taken in charge?

If so, you will require a Taking in Charge CCTV Survey. This is what we can do for you:

  • We will submit a CCTV Survey of the collection systems to the relevant County Council lodging an application for taking in charge.
  • The Council shall be notified two weeks in advance of the commencement date of the survey and may attend.
  • Prior to surveying we throughly clean out the sewer using our  high pressure jetting.
  • The CCTV Survey shall be carried out using a camera that is capable of measuring and recording distance from one manhole to another.
  • The CCTV Survey report shall conform to the standards set out in the WRC Manual on Sewer Condition Classification.
  • The report shall include a summary of any defects in the systems.
  • CES will supplement all reports with high-resolution photographs and good quality DVD recordings.
  • We will submit a Drainage layout plan and report of all the as-constructed sewers.

For a free quotation on a Taking in Charge CCTV Survey contact CES on 086 771 3434